The Hornets Ombudsman
The Oakville Hornets Girls Hockey Assocation is committed to a fair and equitable environment, where members can communicate openly without fear of retaliation. The Chain of Communication is the Association's formal process for addressing members' concerns. All communication will be treated as confidential.

Step 1
If you have a question or concern, begin by addressing the issue with your team's Coach or Manager. Where it is inappropriate or difficult to discuss your concern with either of them, or where a satisfactory response is not received, proceed to the next step.
Step 2
Contact your Division Convenor, should your concern not be addressed at Step 1, or you have proceeded directly to this Step.
Step 3
Contact the VP Rep or VP House League should your concern not be addressed in a previous step. Contact information can be found or by emailing
Step 4
The Hornets Ombudsman Office is available to all members who have concerns. In instances where it is difficult to follow the formal Chain of Communication, or when you need to consider the options available to you, the Ombudsman can help. The Ombudsman reports directly to the President.