Hockey Mom's


What's a TEAM MOM?

It's a rewarding and fulfilling experience!

Basically, TEAM MOMS organize, communicate, plan and implement ideas, events and activities that the parents and coaches determine will benefit the team throughout the season, as well as act as the liason with the EXECUTIVE MOMS. The role of a TEAM MOM can be as big or small as the coach and the TEAM MOM decide on. You can assist the coaches, be the party planner, the team manager or be the go-to-person. TEAM MOMS can wear several hats!

Talk to your coach, preferably by phone/email, (rather than on a busy game day in the crowded dressing room). Does he want you to:

The biggest tip we can offer you is to communicate, communicate, communicate! Parents are happier when they know what's going on.
Have any questions? Feel free to contact any member of the EXECUTIVE MOMS, and check back here often for updates on our many activities.

Have a great 2010-2011 season!!




The HIVE : Hornets Incredible Volunteer Executives


EXECUTIVE MOMS gets involved in organizing, communicating, planning and implementing ideas, events and activities that affect the Hornets Hockey league as a whole.



Some of the special projects we're involved with:

  • Registration booth on Assessment Days
  • Coordinate Picture Day
  • Help on Information Night
  • Fundraising for the Hornet Tournament Organize and run Championship Day

We'd love to have you help us out.
Consider joining us - for more information you can